Tilly and the Tooth Fairy

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Tilly & the Tooth Fairy 

Published by Jet Black Publishing / Author Brian G Chambers / Illustrator Söndra N Rymer

Tilly loses one of her teeth the day before her seventh birthday. Her mum tells her the Tooth Fairy will give her a silver coin for it while she sleeps. Tilly wakes to find the Tooth Fairy at her bedside. Does this mean she won’t get her silver coin, or is there a great surprise for her?

Tilly is given an early birthday treat by the grocer, a toffee apple. When she bites into it one of her teeth falls out. She shows it to her mother, who tells her that if she puts the tooth under her pillow, at bed-time, the Tooth Fairy may pay a visit and leave a silver coin for it. Tilly is very excited at the thought of meeting the Tooth Fairy. Will he visit her or not?

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How does your family celebrate loosing a tooth? Please share pictures or comments, I would love to hear all about your traditions and stories! 


Fairy Tales Imagery celebrates Tilly and the Tooth Fairy awarded the Inkspokes Select Books Reading List 2015.