Tilly gives the Tooth Fairy a sweet kiss to say thank you for his visit and surprise!

Tilly gives the Tooth Fairy a sweet kiss to say thank you for his visit and surprise! Tilly and the Tooth Fairy is published by Jet Black Publishing, April 2015. All rights reserved.


Söndra, photographer/digital artist/CEO of Fairy Tales Imagery, Inc., is an internationally-featured creative visual artist.  Söndra is available for book covers, children’s picture books, magazine, blog, promotional and packaging art assignments and custom children’s fantasy portraits.

“Once upon a time…” These four words have captivated conceptual photographer and digital artist Söndra Nell Rymer since she was a little girl. Söndra vividly remembers when she was six years old and her mother gave her fairy tale storybooks and corresponding cassette tapes that made the magical stories come alive with voices and music. She memorized every story and tape and spent hours pouring over the illustrations on each page. Söndra’s most beloved fairy tale storybook was “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen, and it became a significant part of her childhood reading and imaginative play.

Söndra spent her education participating in theater, art, and photography classes. Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in photojournalism and theater from Texas A&M University, Söndra continued her love of the arts and imagery where she worked in various photography forms, including theater and people lifestyle feature stories. She managed the photography department for David C Cook Publishing for 14 years in which she engaged in the creative process for published curriculum and books including all aspects of photo shoots, from procuring costumes and props to hiring models and make-up stylists, writing contracts, licensing and legal permissions.

After her two children were born, Söndra was inspired to revisit her love for fairy tales and fantasy stories. Her passion is creating whimsical, enchanted imagery that communicates the story and evokes a fantasy world. While she uses vivid color for most of her art, she occasionally explores darker or gothic fantasy stories, which she portrays in a more mature conceptual visualization.

Both traditional fairy tales and present-day folklore and imagery from around the world infuse her work. Söndra creates stunning visual imagery from beloved fairy tales, unique and imaginative fantasy worlds from her imagination and personal creative stories.


“Sondra is an extremely talented artist and creative professional. Her artwork showcases her imagination, vision and passion. She has been delightful to work with bringing her amazing attitude, clear communication skills and friendly vibe. We are very happy with the artwork Sondra has created for us and would highly recommend her services.” Kim Mungcal, Jet Black Publishing

“I highly recommend this seasoned photographer, Sondra Rymer of Fairy Tales Imagery, for anyone seeking beautiful and imaginative portraiture or themed photography. Sondra has a brilliant eye for depth of field, color and measured drama. She demonstrates professionalism with courtesy and kindness in all aspects of her business but especially during her photo sessions. And her passion for perfection drives her vision from photo conceptualization to final product of the Fairy Tales Imagery to beautiful, whimsical — almost magical — works of art. I know from several years of personal experience working with Sondra that she gives 110% of her efforts, time and creativity toward each project. Anyone would be hard pressed to walk away less than impressed and beyond pleased with the end result.” Rebekah Lyon, Sage Design

“I have worked with Sondra as a colleague in various positions at David C. Cook publishing since 1995. While we no longer work together, I still make a point to keep up with her work because she continues to amaze me with her skills and sheer inventiveness. She is a splendid photographer herself who also knows how to work with other photographers to bring out their best work. She instinctively knows how to make each model comfortable and truly shine in her photos, regardless of the model’s level of experience or skill. She is a talented and inventive graphic designer who knows how to make any publication look great. You can see these skills come together, along with her dedication, excellence, and dazzling creativity, in every one of the inspired visual confections Sondra creates as the dynamic force behind Fairy Tale Imagery.” Jon Woodhams, Editor at Guideposts Books and Inspirational Media


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