Tilly and the Tooth Fairy Debuts on Amazon!


Presenting a new little

picture book fairy tale

Tilly and the Tooth Fairy

Friends, I am excited to present newly launched on Amazon “Tilly and the Tooth Fairy” written by Brian G Chambers and illustrated by yours truly, Söndra N Rymer.

Published by Fairy Tales Imagery, Inc.

Such a pleasure to work on the cover and art for a sweet children’s picture book story for children preschool age through third grade.


Tilly and the Tooth Fairy is an enchanting tale featuring a young girl loosing her very first tooth! Tilly loses one of her teeth the day before her seventh birthday. Her mum tells her the Tooth Fairy will give her a silver coin for it while she sleeps. Tilly wakes to find the Tooth Fairy at her bedside. Does this mean she won’t get her silver coin, or is there a great surprise for her? A gorgeously illustrated and colorful picture book for young boys and girls, this timeless tale is a wonderful tribute to traditional fairy tale stories, bringing to life the magic of the Tooth Fairy. A visual and storytelling treat, Tilly and the Tooth Fairy will captivate your child with the excitement, anticipation and wonders of loosing their first tooth.

Tilly and the Tooth Fairy was recently awarded Honorable Mention by Story Monsters as part of the Royal Dragonfly book winners!


Please feel free to share and pass along ~ greatly appreciated~! 


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