Eye Catching Color Manipulation

Hello fellow creatives,

This week I am taking a look at spot color ~ a somewhat trendy and possibly overused Photoshop trick, yet still a solid go to eye catching imagery effect.

As with anything in Photoshop there are several methods to obtain this spot color madness. I came upon this Photoshop tutorial created by the crafty gentlemen over at SPOONGRAPHICS and thought it was a worthy of mentioning decent and quick exercise.  CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL

As you can see from my “before” and “after” imagery below, spot color can not only work to enhance with a creative pop of color, but also influence an image’s entire mood, atmosphere, and audience perception.  My example photograph went from being a soft, glowy picture of a young toddler holding a vibrant Autumn leaf to a ghostly if not somewhat spooky image of a child splashed with deep red all around her. Holding that single red leaf, one must feel there is a story here. And that, after all is what creative images are all about. Telling a story. 

Take a peek at this tutorial. What story will your image tell when you color manipulate? 



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