For the Love of Infographics

For the Love of Infographics


To grab this FREE infographic by © cgvector, go to, send out a tweet and it’s yours via non commercial use only.

Hello creative friends, let’s jump right into taking a look at infographics as a resource tool for your social media and online marketing.

need a slice of pie image WEB

I will come right out and say gone are the days of the boring circular and rather plain pie charts! (JUST in case this is what you pictured right when I said “infographics!”)

Today’s infographics are HOT HOT HOT for promotion and some even borderline on what I would call cool eye catching and entertaining art. Want to jump on the bandwagon that is all about showcasing cool and colorful infographics?  At your fingertips you could not only have a new way to direct more traffic to your art / writing / photography creative biz but also a significant potential to increase visibility overall on your blog or website.

Let’s toss out the old pies and bring in some of those new visuals to infographics our little hearts out. No, NOT THAT kind of pie. (so YUM though)

First, the WHY.

Why should you use infographics as a valuable marketing and promotional tool?

Infographics are clear visual that are not only appealing but compact and memorable. We are a visual society. We dig color and bite sized blasts of information thrown at our 3 second attention spans.. oh look, SQUIRREL! Keep them clean, keep them colorful, and you are on your way to attracting MORE attention from your target audience.

Most business suffer from information overload. We want valuable, quality bits of quickly and easily digestable information on the run. Literally, as we are running along on our little treadmills of life with our mocha lattes steaming in our hands. Focused infographics with color and cool visuals simulate dulled out senses.

Have a lot of information about your art or writing business that you can highlight and narrow down to bullet point specifics and details? Infographics are great tools to draw your potential clients into your more detail heavy website, “how to” explanations and blogs. You are wanting to feed your reader ENTICING content highlighted by an amazing graphic to draw that visual stimulation and interest your way in a proven and realiably form of social media and online interaction.

Top social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are geared towards a visual means of attracting your target audience. Take advantage!

Our goal is to help generate traffic to our site, right? All those cool infographics and associated links help generate and drive your traffic via increases in SEO and elevating your website’s keyword ranking on Google (add alt text, titles, keywords, and descriptions to your infographic along with an embedded link)

“Another huge benefit of the infographic is its ability to be shared among web users on their social media pages. Most infographics come with embed codes that users can copy and paste to their pages, generating an automatic link between your website and theirs — another good thing for your SEO rankings. As a result, infographics are much more likely to reach the coveted viral status than text content.” ~ via Why You Can’t Afford Not to Use Infographics in Your SEO Content published Sept 18 2015 by


Grab this free infographic at



~ add interactive elements like polls, contests, giveaways and surveys to your infographic to drive traffic to your site. Especially awesome if you analyze your conversion properties via chimpmail or similar.

~ put a CTA in your graphic with a limited time offer!

~ use infographics to detail out your CODB (cost of doing business) You may get scrunchy faced putting this together but trust me, other artists / writers love looking at how other creatives in their field are making their business and numbers work (or not, if you are having a dreadful month). Either way, pretty much guaranteed to get you a click over to your site.

~ creatively feature how-to-guides offering advice or quality information related to your business (ie. 10 steps to drawing a seasonal cartoon, 7 steps to beat writer’s block, 5 steps to color balancing your image in photoshop… people love number / step combos as these tend to get higher clicks and conversion ratios.

~ great promo tool to drive in traffic for all your step-by-step tutorials, video tutorials, cheat sheets, interviews, worksheets, promo videos, or slide presentations pertaining to your recent art project or book.

Keep in mind you are not trying to get ALL your business information in one or two infographics. I have seen some interesting graphics that are completely overloaded with TOO MUCH information. My eyes glaze over in about 5 seconds and I move on as I am sure you do as well. Think proportionally and long term. You can create MANY of these eye catching graphics highlighting different values, attributes, goals, projects, cost of doing business, new promotions and projects, and any other amazing features about your business past, present, and future! They will grow as your business grows.

Here is an example I will run on Pinterest this coming week ~ examining my first newsletter launch. In case I didn’t mention, take the graphics and MAKE THEM YOUR OWN!





(phone, graphic and flags free vector tools from

Yes, it takes a time investment to search out new marketing tools and give them a spin.

So to save you some energy and precious time, I have put together a handful of some mighty handy dandy awesome resources. Have at them!

Here are my picks for some cool FREEBIE infographics that are not your grandma’s slice of pie!

Free Business Infographic Vector Pack by Freepik


Freebie pack of Stats Icons from Design Cuts – BASIC but this site also hosts a ton of really COOL freebies such as textures, vectors, and brushes so I had to drop a mention here.


Great infographic vector kit


There is a lot of ad “noise” on this site, but GREAT and more importantly FREE infographic PSD bundles and other cool graphic freebies galore


A standard account with PIKTOCHART is FREE = offers templates ready to go!


If you are willing to pay a little, here is a bundle so you have one stop and shop deal:   (for $19 bundle of 70 infographic elements)

Dealgraphics WEB

Want to make your own infographics? This is great site for free vector images (provide proper credit for use)

I am also going to include INKSCAPE

Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor. This is a totally rock’in free design tool that you can use to make stunning and unique infographics. There is a lot going on here and creating fabulous infographics is only part of what this site can do which is why I am including it here on this list. You may find you can use it for MUCH more.

Go a step above and beyond:  Generate your own fabulous word cloud to use as part of your infographic!

“Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.”


 Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 9.14.00 PM


Was this post helpful in providing key information and links?

Do you have any other handy tools & sites for creating infographics? Please feel free to share / comment / show off your infographic creations HERE! 


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    • Thank you so much Corrina! It did take a bit of time researching and finding good quality links, but I really had a great time with this project and blog, so many GREAT infographics out there to choose from and incorporate into our marketing efforts for writers and artists! 🙂 I am so happy you could stop by and read !


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